What to wear to summer weddings

June 21st, 2012 by TWE



Figuring out what to wear to wedding is one of the most fun – and most trying – parts of being a wedding guest. Sure you can take your cues from the invitation, but what does “black tie optional” or “festive attire” really mean? And what should you wear to a formal daytime summer wedding, or a destination wedding? Here are tips and ideas for what to wear to every type of summer wedding.

Daytime Wedding

If the wedding takes place in a church, mosque, or synagogue, and you are wearing a sleeveless dress, make sure you have a shawl or sweater to cover your shoulders. If you know that the wedding is going to be religiously conservative, skip the short skirt, too. You can wear heels to a daytime wedding (as long as it isn’t in the grass!), but you don’t have to. And you don’t have to break out your bejeweled ballet flats, either. Keep your hair and makeup simple. Nothing too flashy is the name of the game

  • Daytime weddings call for color, so look for well-cut dresses in bright hues.
  • Length should be at least to the knee or tea length.
  • For shoes, stick with wedges so you don’t sink into the grass if you’re outdoors.
  • A cross-body bag is perfect for cocktails — it’s hands free!

Destination wedding

  • Look for a dress that packs well. This is crucial as you don’t want to show up with a gown that’s bent out of shape. Try lace, jersey or sequins/beading as they don’t wrinkle.
  • The two big colors for the season are coral and turquoise.
  • Consider a gold-lace dress: It packs up small and light and works perfectly with bold color accessories.

Formal wedding

For a wedding that requests “festive” attire, you wear basically what you might wear to a formal function. Cocktail dresses and shiny fabrics are in order. Jewelry is a matter of preference, but stay out of your cheap, trendy accessories drawer. Imagine what you might wear to a really nice night on the town. Get your hair done, paint your nails, and break out the red lipstick

Classic black is, well, classic. Save some money, too, as you can find some great deals! Just know the fit that looks best on you.

  • If you want something that is going to last, look for jersey dresses as they are more durable through dry cleanings, pack well for weddings and give you a little more “wiggle” room to gain or lose a few pounds over the years.
  • Antique jewelry is a great way to accessorize a basic black dress without breaking the bank.
  • A classic black dress with jewel belt detail is timeless.
  • A simple black clutch is all about keeping the look streamlined.
  • Chandelier earrings pick up the sparkle on the belt detail and draw attention up to the asymmetrical halter neckline.

My “Green” Wedding

February 8th, 2012 by TWE



It’s easier than ever to lead a greener lifestyle.  From energy saving light bulbs and appliances, recycled products, solar energy to environmentally friendly house products.  Now we can even make choices on what and how we eat….organic produce, meat, well, food in general versus food that was chemically and genetically modified/treated.  We are definitely on the right track and should support the cause by making every effort to participate.

Even more so, I am all for a “green” wedding.  Living in this wonderful destination, I am talking from experience when I tell you that the Yucatan has so much to offer which we can integrate into a more environmentally friendly wedding.  I have even created a “green wedding package” which you can find in our website under “packages”.

Here are some ideas to “green” up your destination wedding.


Use the Light Nature Gives Us

It is not difficult for any wedding planner to propose an outdoor wedding in this area J.   My suggestion is to make as much use as you can of the natural light.  Start your wedding about 30 minutes earlier than you would have and perhaps finish a tab bit earlier at night (save energy).

I know destination wedding brides dream of using candles all over the place (not a bad thought and if you do, ask your wedding planner to get you hand-made, beeswax or vegetable-oil based candles) but being that the wedding reception will most take place on the beach, the possibility of the candles being blown out is high.  Still they sure make great décor on the table.

Use as many tiki torches as you can.  They will kill 2 birds with one stone.  Soft lightning for your wedding area and mosquito “preventer” at the same time.  Add citronella y voila. Bye bye mossis.


Eco Friendly Flowers

Unfortunately Cancun and area is not blessed with a wealth of natural flowers.  You would think so being in the tropics and all.  Hence flowers are being flown in from all over the world.  Our main sources are the huge flower markets in Mexico City followed by suppliers in the US and even as far as Europe.   Not only does this make flowers expensive but I guess you can also say, not very environmentally friendly.

The other day I flipped though a bridal magazine and I found a stunning bridal bouquet made out of curled up palm leaves (which we have here plentiful) and just 2 white calla lilies.  The arrangement look extremely elegant and definitely made a statement for being something completely different.

I stumbled over this bouquet and give it a thumbs up for being unique and original.  Could be even something for your bridesmaids.

I can come up with a wealth of ideas for boutonnieres from using shells, recycled paper to twigs with old bottoms.  I guess though for a destination wedding, shells will come in handy. A few days before your wedding you two love birds can take a romantic stroll on the beach and gather the material needed.  The florist will be more than happy to assemble a very exceptional piece of what you found.

As for centerpieces, I suggest using natural products like coconuts, again palm leaves and plenty of hand- hade candles.  Or use potted plants in place of cut flowers as centerpieces.

What we typically do after the wedding, is to donate the arrangements to a retirement home or orphanage.


Save Even More Energy

Eliminate the use of electricity while walking down the aisle. Use as much life music as possible for your events, a beautiful harp, a duet of cello and violin, even a drum and fire show for dinner will do the trick.


Local Crafts

Support the local community.  99% of the time the welcome gift at a beach destination wedding ends up being a bag stuffed with all sorts of goodies.  Here is my suggestion… welcome bags made out of the native product called “yute“ filled with local biodegradable mosquito repellant and sun protection, deliciously smelling hand-made tropical soaps and creams,  some scrumptious Mexican sweets and a hand-woven sunhat.


Wedding Favors and Gifts

Instead of favors, let your guests know in your wedding program that you have donated $1-$2 per guest to your favorite environmental organization.

If you are already settled into a home, and do not need kitchenware or furnishings, you may prefer to state on your invitations: “Please no gifts” or “Your presence at our wedding is your gift to us”, or recommend that your guests do a small collection during their stay and have the proceeds donated a local orphanage.

In case you are still establishing a home, think about registering with an eco-conscious retailer to minimize receiving unnecessary trinkets from guests who aren’t sure what you need.

If you are going to be buying gifts for the people standing up in your wedding, consider non consumptive options like massage at the hotel (no one will say no to a massage!), an ecological tour to our world famous ruins and Mayan villages or an food and beverage amenity for their room.

Save a Tree

Eco Friendly Invitations – set your wedding style by your invitation…. send online or use un-dyed and recycles paper, tree free paper or plantable seed paper – I LOVE this idea.  There are also companies using now soy or vegetable ink for print. Look at the list below of what is typically printed.

  • engagement announcements
  • save the date cards
  • shower invitations
  • shower thank you notes
  • wedding invitaitons
  • ceremony programs
  • place cards
  • menu cards
  • wedding announcements
  • thank you notes


With millions of weddings this year, if each integrated only 1 to 2 GREEN elements, it would make big impact on environment. Also, please do not let this just be a trend because it is “hot” right now to have an eco friendly wedding.  Spread the word and let´s keep this “trendy” trend a trend that lasts forever.


Happy 2012!

January 4th, 2012 by TWE

The Significance of 11.11.11 and 12.12.12

December 23rd, 2011 by TWE



11.11.11  – What special meaning this date held this year.  In Cancun and La Riviera Maya an estimated 2500 weddings were performed.  An absolute record.  Apart from showing off with a really cool anniversary date and sharing it with some special birthday “kids” like Demi Moore and Leonardo DeCaprio, this date actually had a higher meaning.

Couples worldwide have long hitched their marital fortunes to special dates, signing their nuptials on ones that bear the same number for the month, day and year. Wedding industry experts believe it’s a combination of superstition and meaning that make them so desirable.  For the Chinese 08.08.08 was the ultimate date of tying the knot (it doesn’t get luckier than the number eight – translated and correctly pronounced it means “fortune”).  .

According to numerology, each number holds a unique vibration with associated traits attached to it. One and two symbolize masculine and feminine energy, respectively, with one deemed as “the creator.” When repeated, one becomes 11, which is considered the Master Number, representing rebirth and, you guessed it, new beginnings.

In terms of astrology, we are currently transitioning into the 11th house of the zodiac—the age of the Aquarius. Progressive and intuitive, the sign rules technology, humanitarianism, philanthropy, nonconformity and idealism. According to astrological predictions, a wealth of new information will dominate the coming months.

We actually had to turn down weddings on that day (ha, I wish we could say that more often) as we did not have sufficient manpower.  Vendors, like florists, décor companies, photographer, were working on overdrive, days without sleep getting ready for the big occasion.  One of our florists’s had 25 weddings, one of which was ours.  They arrived on time and had the church decorated 45 minutes prior to ceremony begin.  Kudos!

Surprisingly I have not seen the “madness” about the date yet.  Apart from being the last time a day, a month and a year will be the same number across the board until the next century, extremists are predicting the end of the world, which would coincide with the end of the Mayan Calendar marking a 5,126-year era.  But no one here believes the world is ending. Instead, it’s a positive and uplifting time. A time of renewal, that is what the Mayan culture is all about.  A new era is starting and what better way than to start a new life together! So make sure that you secure your 12.12.12 wedding date.


Happy Holidays to all our readers!!

December 23rd, 2011 by TWE




Why are we always thinking of a Beach Wedding in Cancun and La Riviera Maya?

December 22nd, 2011 by TWE

A Fun and at the same Time very Rewarding Activity

November 8th, 2011 by TWE



Here at Tropical Wedding Experts we always try to make sure that we create activities with a meaning.  This is one I particularly like and cherish …. whilst integrating fun and “tickling” ones artistic side we give back to our community here in Cancun.

This bike building activity was created by our Fun & Motivation Crew as an “ice breaker” for wedding groups (and of course our corporate groups).  Have you ever found yourself at a wedding where the wedding parties were from all over the US and half of the wedding group were complete strangers.  What better idea than to mix and match the group, do a little treasure hunt, build a bike   and give back something to kids in need.

It will be a fun race against the clock where participants search for clues and face challenging situations that must be resolved as they crop up.

Clues and challenges will test participant’s skills and abilities. Teams will do physical or mental activities and by scoring they will win pieces and tools to assemble the bikes.

Because of its great versatility, this activity can be adapted to any group’s needs and can be held anywhere even on hotel grounds.

Bikes will be donated to a local charity. Everyone is a winner in this fast paced philanthropic team building adventure!!!

I am sourcing for more and more ideas to be more actively involved in our community.  Why not have kids at an orphanage supply your wedding gifts or even décor for your wedding.


Grew  some interest for your next wedding group…. Contact us at info@tropicalweddingexperts.com or visit our website http://tropicalweddingexperts.com/



A Sweet Deal from Ceiba del Mar – tell your Brides!!!

November 2nd, 2011 by TWE


For those that appreciate luxury and a relaxed ambiance of elegance and comfort, the boutique resort Ceiba del Mar is the natural choice here in la Riviera Maya. Tranquility and relaxation are the order of the day and at the Ceiba del Mar.
Located just 20 minutes south of the Cancun airport at the edge of the quaint fishing village of Puerto Morelos, Ceiba del Mar Spa Resort features 88 charming rooms and suites including 7 dazzling one-bedroom ocean view Penthouses.


This is a really sweet deal.  An entire luxury resort for your bride……


July ,  August & September 2012

Have the entire resort for yourself for your wedding when you book only 40 rooms per night

Receive a 3 course menu, when booking all rooms in the Luxury Gourmet Plan

50% discount on all other private events, when booking in the Luxury Gourmet Plan

Minimum Stay of 3 nights

(*terms and conditions apply)

For more information contact us at info@tropicalweddingexperts.com

Bridal Show – Chicago

October 26th, 2011 by TWE


Every Brides’ wedding fantasy came to life at The Wedding Salon at The W City Center on October 3. The nation’s premier luxury bridal event showcased the hottest trends for 2012 including Nature Inspired Accents, mouthwatering cakes and dessert tables, stunning wedding dress trends and amazing location for destination weddings.

Bridal Expos are a great way browse for new wedding ideas, see the newest trends in  weddings, meet future brides and wedding professionals alike all in one place.

Our booth from the minute the doors opened up to the very last minute was packed with brides who were interested in information on destination weddings in Mexico as well as in honeymoon ideas.  It was a true delight to see the extremely positive response and attention on Mexico as a destination after listening to all the bad press on Mexico over the past year.  I was only approached by one bride (out of approximately 150 or more who visited our stand) asking me about the security situation in the main tourist destinations.  Perhaps being a foreigner myself and having lived here for so many years gave the final push of confidence (I am on the left hand side of the picture).

I am excited about participating at the Bridal Show in New York on November 14 at the Manhattan Center Studios from 4:00pm to 9:00pm.  Hope to see you there or perhaps one of your brides!

How to choose your Wedding Photographer

October 12th, 2011 by TWE

There is so much to consider in order get the best photographer option. Once the wedding is done, the photos and video are the only record of your important day. I don’t have a problem paying good money for someone who is best in their class. Your first task should be to plan your ceremony ending time and reception start time as close as possible, because you pay for the number of hours you have your photographer. Having fewer hours that you’ll have to pay a studio, DJ, and reception location can save you thousands.

You need to have a clear idea in your minds of what you expect your wedding photographs to be like, or at least some idea of style or specific shots required.In case not here you have some advises


Discus with your Wedding Planner

While you want to make sure you book your photographer for the date of your wedding immediately, make sure you read over the legal details of exactly what you will get before signing the contract.

Then make sure that the photographer you want is the photographer you will get at your wedding. Some larger companies may do a bait and switch. Also, find out what part of your wedding day will be covered and how many hours you have with your photographer. This means communicating with your wedding planner about the details of the event, when and where the ceremony will be held as well as the reception and what types of photographs you want.


Visit Website

If you have a list of photographers from which to choose, peruse their Web sites to begin eliminating candidates from your list. Determine which photographer will meet your budget as well as your needs. Consider how well they perform in different settings/environments. For example, if you are throwing a beach wedding, it makes sense to find a photographer who is stronger in filming outdoors.

Think about the tone that you want your photos to express. Are you and your fianc serious and traditional, or do you prefer a more light-hearted and playful theme to your wedding photographs?


Phone interview

Call or email each photographer on your list. A quick phone call or short email will give you a number of key pieces of information, such as the photographer’s availability on your wedding day, type of photography specialties (e.g., candid, traditional, photojournalism, combination, film or digital, etc.), and a rough idea as to how much they’ll charge you and what you’ll receive for that fee. It will also tell you a bit about the photographer’s personality. Remember, this person will be an integral part of the most important day of your life, so be sure you choose someone you feel good about.


Discuss Wedding Photography Equipment

Although you may not be a professional photographer yourself, you should know what type of camera and equipment your photographer will be using during your event. You may find that you are more particular about it than you think.

Just like every photographer should bring along an assistant to help him during your wedding, every photographer needs backup equipment in case his original equipment fails. Flashes, lenses and cameras should all come in multiples. Extra batteries, film and memory cards are also a must.


Make appointments

Make appointments with the photographers who sound promising so you can view their portfolios and discuss details. These meetings should include both the bride and groom as well as the bride’s parents, and anyone else who will either be paying for the work or working closely with the photographer. Write down all your questions before you meet, and take notes during the meetings.


Getting Specific

The more questions you ask up front, the more confident and relaxed you’ll feel on and after your wedding day.